Monday, June 22, 2009

Kizes on Style Apothecary

reviewed on June 18:
"If you are a citrus lover then this is the scent for you. It's crisp and robust and full of nose tingling citrus. I swear this is worn the best on a hot summer day -- the freshness of the citrus shines through and just makes me happy. This is also a very personal scent. It wears wonderfully on my skin but doesn't loom in a room before or after I arrive. I think it also changes throughout the day.. The first notes I detect are obviously the yummy citrus but then when it dries down and has a little time to settle the floral notes come out, they are like a light summer bouquet.. I love the fact that these are fragrance oils. There is no drying alcohol spritzing on your skin to dry it out -- this actually feels nourishing on.

I am telling you this is a perfect summery scent that smells great and wears wonderfully.. I can still smell the scent at the days end so it goes on and on with my busy days.. It's nice to take a moment, group and take a whiff, it takes me away.."

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