Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being in the TSI-LA world

I did not expect that on earth so kind people still exist. I was pleasantly surprised by Tsi-La
Organics perfume makers Annie Morton and Natalie Szapowalo. During their campaign “Perfume
Amnesty” every week they give away their Living Flower Collection perfume samples on the Tsi-
La facebook page. I was one of the lucky winners of this campaign. Lucky me indeed! The package
with the samples from US arrived to the tiny little country in eastern Europe called Lithuania in a
week. So, pretty fast! What a marvelous surprise for a woman!
In the recent times I have noticed that my most powerful sense is smell. My nose is very sensitive to
the smells around me. I can feel quicker and easier than the others when the smell changes itself. I
am always the first in a room to tell that something somewhere smells good or bad.
Thus, after experiencing Tsi-La perfume samples for almost 2 weeks, I am delighted to give some
insights. Each of the sample has a different story to tell. Especially when it goes on the skin. I am a
selective eco-customer, but strangely enough, I loved all of Tsi-La perfume smells! Each smell has a
different aura around it... Already the names of perfumes are very suitably chosen (Fleur Sauvage,
Kizes, Ilang Ilang, Fiori D'arancio, Kesu). They give even more mystery to the smells!
Moreover, smells give a peace of mind, relaxe the tension. Undoubtedly, Tsi-La perfumes have
the aromatherapic qualities.
When the smells are mixed, they become even more godly. Having a chance to make one's own
perfume by mixing, gives one an unbelievable creativity. It does not only stimulate the sense of
smell, but imagination as well... You have to try yourself, because it is impossible to describe the
smells in the end. Anyhow, so far, Tsi-La has the best aromas I have ever had the chance to smell!
Besides that, I love the strategy Tsi-La has. Tsi-La rather cares about our health, not profit. It is
indeed hard to find a company nowadays which would not be obsessed with money making.
Another thing, which fascinates me so much, is Tsi-La's wish to create an organic perfume loving
community through the act of sharing the good by just giving it away. And, this is a very successful
move! Because, one who tries Tsi-La, does not want to use other perfume anymore. Even though,
ecological and organic perfume market grows, it is hard to trust the new brands that are emerging.
No doubt, Tsi-La in creating their community and having a direct communication with their lovers,
earn the trust of their customers.
I love you Tsi-La! Keep on doing what you are doing. I wish you growth and development! The
world should know about you! Than you for letting me in into your world!
Your Sincere Supporter and Fan of Tsi-La,
Justina Klingaite

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tsi-La Launches a New Way to purchase perfume

Tsi-La Launches a New Way to "Try" Before You Commit

You may know Tsi-La perfumes have been featured in Elle, Shape, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, Body+Soul and more. You may even know that we won the best perfume award by Natural Solutions.

But reading about us and experiencing our award winning perfumes two different things
We've came up with a way to have you try our scents virtually risk free with our new Deluxe Sample Box, Simply purchase our exclusive "Deluxe Perfume Sample Box" at the discounted price of $50.00. In 10-14 business days you will receive samples of our most popular, luxurious Tsi-La organic perfumes along with a voucher for a

Just decide which sample you love, send Tsi-La an email with your voucher code and we'll
ship the Living Flower perfume of your choice right to you.

No strings attached.

The time has never been better than NOW to join the Tsi-La Revolution!

"Try" Before You Commit

8 ORGANIC PERFUME SAMPLES - discover what you love!

$ 50.00

The Nitty Gritty

Vouchers expire July 31, 2012
Vouchers are redeemable for a single 4 ML bottle of FLEUR SAUVAGE, KIZES, ILANG ILANG, FIORI D’ARANCIO, SAQUI OR KESU

There are no returns

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tsi-La Needs Your Response!

Day in and day out Tsi-La is dedicated to offering you new and amazing natural skin care products. Hand in hand with this pledge, we'd love to know what type of beauty products you'd like Tsi-La to create and develop.

Please take a few minutes and post your thoughts. Feel free to include special ingredients you'd like us to use, beauty products that you "wish" we made and any areas of your face or body that you think need special attention.

We look forward to learning more about what you want, need and can't do without. Your postings will help bring the Tsi-La Revolution to the next level!

Take Care,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recycled Love

Lulu's Rescue and Tsi~La Organics Join to Save More Dogs This Earth Day

Lulu’s Rescue, a volunteer, nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Bucks County, Pa., will join forces with Tsi-La Organics, an award-winning, innovative organic fragrance company based in Doylestown, Pa. Their new partnership promises to shine the national spotlight on Lulu’s Rescue and their "Recycled Love" fundraiser: a campaign to raise awareness and support for homeless dogs in search of loving, forever homes.

The "Recycled Love" campaign has successfully generated donations to help Lulu’s Rescue continue its mission of finding a home for every adoptable dog who needs one. So far, the 501(c)(3) charitable organization has saved almost 600 puppies and dogs through its volunteer-based system.

With so many more canines out there that need help, Lulu's Rescue executive director Michele Armstrong was ecstatic when model and Tsi-La Organics owner Annie Morton came up with a way to kick the campaign into high gear.

"In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to come up with a unique way to save Mother Earth's animals," Morton says. "So we decided to donate a percentage of Tsi-La's April sales to Lulu's Rescue. Michele does a fantastic job and I will do everything I can to help her organization save more dogs and puppies."

Morton and Armstrong initially became friends based their mutual love and respect for animals. Now, Morton not only sponsors adoption showcases for Lulu's Rescue but has also been a dog foster-parent as needed. "I really feel like Lulu's Rescue is making a difference,” says Morton. “And I am honored to be a part it.”

"Annie is fantastic," says Armstrong. "With her help, Tsi-La's clients can save many, many more dogs' lives. The more people willing to share the love, the more dogs lives saved.”

About Tsi~La Organics
Tsi~La Organics, a range of multi-functional fragrances, are packed with ‘living’ and active essential oils to arouse the senses and treat the skin. Tsi-La ‘living flower’ compounds harness the raw properties of plants and are intertwined with nutrient-rich organic extracts. As the leaders in authentic perfumery, Tsi~La Organics uses only ingredients from the earth to ensure a true holistic experience.

Tsi~La Organics is sold on TsiLaOrganics.com, SpiritBeautyLounge.com, NuboNau.com, and at other fine specialty stores and retailers nationwide.

About Lulu’s Rescue
Lulu’s Rescue is an all-volunteer companion animal rescue group comprised of dedicated members with over 30 collective years in rescue, foster, and adoption placement. They are an all-breed inclusive rescue advocating on behalf of all animals and are officially a public charity having obtained our 501c3 non-profit status. Their mission is to rescue healthy, loving animals that are on death row, in our community shelters, and give them a second chance at life. They are committed to finding the best homes for these amazing creatures.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Gift For You

Create your Deluxe sample kit Free with any $44.00 purchase

Choose two living flower samples at checkout. No Offer Code required.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tsi-La Wants You to Help Change the World!

To Tsi-La, Green Luxury means that we’re an environmentally & socially conscious company
that strives to make the world a better place. Hand in hand with our company vision, we
would love to hear from you, because...

We want the Tsi-La Face Book page to be a place where all of our friends can post and
share their images and words of enlightenment, inspiration and empowerment when it comes to
living an abundant life of inner and outer beauty.

Your words are powerful. Share your images & words with us and make someone's day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

InStyle Puts Tsi-La to the Test

Check out the April InStyle article, "Do They Really
Work?" that features Tsi-la's Fiori D'Arancio. Their verdict

"... If you typically go for fruity aromas, you'll likely
love it. (Their) testers found that the fragrance stayed strong for a few hours before
fading into a soft sweetness."

Check out the whole article in this months issue - at newsstands