Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being in the TSI-LA world

I did not expect that on earth so kind people still exist. I was pleasantly surprised by Tsi-La
Organics perfume makers Annie Morton and Natalie Szapowalo. During their campaign “Perfume
Amnesty” every week they give away their Living Flower Collection perfume samples on the Tsi-
La facebook page. I was one of the lucky winners of this campaign. Lucky me indeed! The package
with the samples from US arrived to the tiny little country in eastern Europe called Lithuania in a
week. So, pretty fast! What a marvelous surprise for a woman!
In the recent times I have noticed that my most powerful sense is smell. My nose is very sensitive to
the smells around me. I can feel quicker and easier than the others when the smell changes itself. I
am always the first in a room to tell that something somewhere smells good or bad.
Thus, after experiencing Tsi-La perfume samples for almost 2 weeks, I am delighted to give some
insights. Each of the sample has a different story to tell. Especially when it goes on the skin. I am a
selective eco-customer, but strangely enough, I loved all of Tsi-La perfume smells! Each smell has a
different aura around it... Already the names of perfumes are very suitably chosen (Fleur Sauvage,
Kizes, Ilang Ilang, Fiori D'arancio, Kesu). They give even more mystery to the smells!
Moreover, smells give a peace of mind, relaxe the tension. Undoubtedly, Tsi-La perfumes have
the aromatherapic qualities.
When the smells are mixed, they become even more godly. Having a chance to make one's own
perfume by mixing, gives one an unbelievable creativity. It does not only stimulate the sense of
smell, but imagination as well... You have to try yourself, because it is impossible to describe the
smells in the end. Anyhow, so far, Tsi-La has the best aromas I have ever had the chance to smell!
Besides that, I love the strategy Tsi-La has. Tsi-La rather cares about our health, not profit. It is
indeed hard to find a company nowadays which would not be obsessed with money making.
Another thing, which fascinates me so much, is Tsi-La's wish to create an organic perfume loving
community through the act of sharing the good by just giving it away. And, this is a very successful
move! Because, one who tries Tsi-La, does not want to use other perfume anymore. Even though,
ecological and organic perfume market grows, it is hard to trust the new brands that are emerging.
No doubt, Tsi-La in creating their community and having a direct communication with their lovers,
earn the trust of their customers.
I love you Tsi-La! Keep on doing what you are doing. I wish you growth and development! The
world should know about you! Than you for letting me in into your world!
Your Sincere Supporter and Fan of Tsi-La,
Justina Klingaite

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