Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfectly Paired Organic Fragrances...PROMO

Tsi-La Organic fragrance oils are designed to layer and blend - to create a signature scent. Here is our favorite fall blend.

TRY: Laying Saqui & Kesu 4ml organic oils to create the feeling of a Calming Desire. The perfect blend of smokey incense paired with spicy citrus leaves you feeling clean and meditative.

Enter promo code: (saqui-kesu) at checkout and recieve this pair for $60.00

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for your eco-conscience man

Saqui 4ml organic oil roll-on –Desirable, clean, spicy and citrus.
Notes: bergamot, black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla.
Benefits & Properties: 4 moisturizing organic oils, 6 antioxidant-active extracts and living flower essential oils.

Kesu 4ml organic oil roll-on – Calm, woody, meditative and smokey.
Notes: sandalwood, frankincense, amber and davana.
Benefits & Properties: 4 moisturizing organic oils, 6 antioxidant-active extracts and living flower essential oils.

Misaki 50ml organic alcohol eau de parfum – Tranquil, green, lavender forest
Notes: lavender, moss, bergamot and vanilla.
Benefits & Properties: 6 antioxidant-active extracts and living flower essential oils.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why we pay more for Natural and Organic beauty...

From food to clothing to beauty products, everyone we know is going natural. While the all-natural aspect is admittedly enticing, though, we’re a bit put off by the hefty price tags. Is it worth the extra cost? When it comes to fragrance and cosmetics, the answer is yes - Going organic is often better for your skin because of the lack of dyes and artificial chemicals, which makes them less likely to clog your pores and cause acne or skin allergies. In addition, essential oils have an amazing and often profound direct beneficial effects on the skin and hair as well as producing beneficial psychological and psychosomatic effects via their influence on the nervous and hormonal systems. It is merely impossible to simulate the same benefits of natural products in using synthetic based chemicals of Brand X. So why do organic and natural beauty products cost significantly more than synthetically manufactured products?

The production of natural and organic raw materials is labor intensive and the demand is currently relatively small compared to the mainstream. Organic producers must go through a cost intensive process to achieve organic certification of their products. These three factors are the primary contributors to the basic gross costs of natural and organic products. Whereas synthetic based products are massively chemically produced at low margins for mere profit gain.

The cost of producing organic essential oils alone, significantly influence the ultimate price of natural and organic skin care and fragrance. Growing, harvesting, oil extraction, quality testing, market demand and availability of raw materials all play roles in this – For the most part, the amount of plant material required to produce a kilogram of essential oil can be huge. For example, it has been estimated that it takes about 500kg of rose petals to produce 1 liter of rose oil (and individual rose petals don’t weigh very much!). Climatic conditions have a major influence on organic raw material prices. For example, a bad season in which there is insufficient rainfall or the occurrence of natural disasters such as storms, hail, floods and fires, can affect the amount of plant material available for harvesting.

Once a producer has finalized a truly natural and organic product they must then go through a certification process to receive a USDA seal. This process is not only tedious and expensive, but is extremely difficult because the USDA cert is based on food grade standards; it is also one not many “natural” producers attempt because the certification standards do not allow for any synthetic ingredients. So are your products really natural and organic? – Look for the seal.

Tsi-La Organics proudly offer the USDA certified organic seal on our newest fragrance FIORI D’ARANCIO 50ml organic eau du parfum. The USDA organic seal ensures a product contains at least 95% organic materials, with remaining ingredients approved by the USDA. If a product reads “Made with Organic Ingredients”, the product should include a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. All of Tsi-La fragrances are made with a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, with the remaining ingredients all natural. We are diligently working on certifying each of our products to ensure all our fragrances to be free of harmful ingredients and are committed to using only 100% natural and organic certified ingredients.

Tsi-La Organics offer products for people, not for profits.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Natural Perfume: Why It doesn't last long...

The number one complaint about natural perfumes is: why don’t they last longer? Natural perfumes, made with non-synthetic living flower extracts and plant botanicals, do not contain phthalates, parabens, or petroleum.

Phthalates are plasticizers used to soften vinyl plastic. They are added to synthetic fragrance to help extend the scent. Besides being hard to pronounce, phthalates are also suspected carcinogens and hormone disrupters. The amount of phthalates we are exposed to on a daily basis is staggering; from soft vinyl toys, food packaging, industrial lubricants, flooring, carpeting, and every commercial product that contains fragrance like dishwasher detergent and shampoo.

Then we have the parabens, a class of chemicals used as preservatives. Parabens are also suspected endocrine disruptors. Synthetic perfumes require a preservative to prevent rancidity. Tsi-La Organic fragrances include natural preservatives such as natural Vitamin-E.

In addition to the phthalates, 95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic derivatives of petroleum, including toxins known to cause many health risks and allergies. The perfume industry is self-regulating, meaning perfume manufacturers are not required to provide formulations or safety information to the FDA.

With so much icky stuff in synthetic perfumes, a better question to ask is why one would continue to use them on one's skin? Natural perfumes don't last as long as synthetics precisely because they don't have these chemicals. Tsi-la natural and organic perfumes are the essence of nature - a marriage of organic freshness and pure plant botanicals. In using natural perfume you have the opportunity to capture the true essence of fragrant florals, sweet fruits, exotic grasses, rare woods and aromatic spices. Natural perfumes offer holistic benefits, which can not be found in synthetic fragrances. If your fragrance lasts all day, it is NOT natural.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What we don't use: Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic Fragrances

Today, most fragrances are no longer made from natural substances, but are made from synthetic chemicals. Synthetic fragrances are commonly used in personal care products (perfume, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, lotion, face cream and deodorant) and can also be found in household products (laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaners, air fresheners etc.) We are constantly being exposed to synthetic fragrance-chemicals. The fragrance industry regularly uses more than 3,000 chemical ingredients to create perfumes and fragrances. About 95% of these ingredients are synthetic. There can be as many as 100 chemicals in a single fragrance. Synthetic fragrances are used because they are readily available and more affordable than pure natural essential oils and natural extracts.

Most adverse reactions to cosmetics and toiletries are caused by synthetic fragrance chemicals, which are known irritants and allergens. About 5% of us cannot tolerate synthetic fragrances, while up to 30% are sensitive in some way. Synthetic fragrances can aggravate asthma, cause headaches, and trigger allergic reactions Many of us have encountered synthetic fragrances that cause us to sneeze or give us violent coughing or even rashes and other skin irritations.

Tsi-La Organic fragrances are founded by women who are unable to wear traditional perfume due to allergies caused by synthetic fragrance. All Tsi-La perfumes that hold our seal DO NOT CONTAIN any synthetic fragrances - only the purest, natural and organic essential oils, plant botanicals and extracts. All of Tsi-La living flower perfumes are infused with ingredients that deliver healthful benefits.

Monday, November 14, 2011

What we don't use: Synthetic Colors

Regardless of the actual percentages, it is quite clear that a lot of what we apply on our skin ends up in our bodies. So it makes good sense for us to pay attention to the ingredients that are in our skin care products. Choosing natural and organic ingredients immediately cuts out a lot of preservatives, synthetic fragrances and color compounds that are suspect to be harmful to us. You can be assured that with a certified natural or organic product, extra effort has been taken in the interest of health and cost-saving short cuts avoided.

Synthetic Colors
Synthetic color or FD&C colors are mostly derived from coal tar. Many have been banned from food by the FDA for various reasons: carcinogenicity, allergy inducing, general toxicity, etc - A number caused illnesses in children. A few of these colors have now been banned from cosmetic use. For instance, the FDA has already banned the new use of Red No.3, a carcinogen that may interfere with nerve transmission in the brain and cause genetic damage.
Synthetic colors, if listed on a product, will appear as FD&C or D&C followed by a number, ie. FD&C Red No. 6. Given the various health risks associated with many synthetic colors, if a personal care product uses it, it's suggested that you don't use it.

Tsi-La Organics use only 100% natural and organic colors and are completely free of FD&C colors.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What we leave out: Phthalates

Many phthalates (pronounced thal-ates) interfere with hormones (especially testosterone), and have been shown to alter normal reproductive development. Using a synthetic fragrance can be dangerous for a multitude of reasons - shown to damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive systems, phthalates can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Phthalates, a plasticizing compound, is often used in synthetic fragrance - to extend the fragrances wear.

Tsi-La ensures all our products to be free of harmful ingredients, such as Phthalates, commonly found in traditional perfumery. We are committed to producing Green Luxury™ beauty; using only 100% natural and organic certified ingredients.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Benefits of Organic Elderberry Extract

Black elderberry, also known as European elderberry, is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-B6. Organic elderberry extract is found in Tsi-La fragrances.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Benefits of Organic Persimmon Extract

  • Persimmons contain many health benefiting anti-oxidant compounds like Vitamin- C and Vitamin- A, which are an affective anti-aging ingredient.

All Tsi-La organic perfumes contain organic persimmon extract.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Organic Rooibos 

Tsi-la is the only true luxury beauty company to produce clean, organic, and natural products infused with ingredients that deliver healthful, holistic benefits.

Organic Rooibos extract tea is high in minerals such as calcium. Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.