Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why we pay more for Natural and Organic beauty...

From food to clothing to beauty products, everyone we know is going natural. While the all-natural aspect is admittedly enticing, though, we’re a bit put off by the hefty price tags. Is it worth the extra cost? When it comes to fragrance and cosmetics, the answer is yes - Going organic is often better for your skin because of the lack of dyes and artificial chemicals, which makes them less likely to clog your pores and cause acne or skin allergies. In addition, essential oils have an amazing and often profound direct beneficial effects on the skin and hair as well as producing beneficial psychological and psychosomatic effects via their influence on the nervous and hormonal systems. It is merely impossible to simulate the same benefits of natural products in using synthetic based chemicals of Brand X. So why do organic and natural beauty products cost significantly more than synthetically manufactured products?

The production of natural and organic raw materials is labor intensive and the demand is currently relatively small compared to the mainstream. Organic producers must go through a cost intensive process to achieve organic certification of their products. These three factors are the primary contributors to the basic gross costs of natural and organic products. Whereas synthetic based products are massively chemically produced at low margins for mere profit gain.

The cost of producing organic essential oils alone, significantly influence the ultimate price of natural and organic skin care and fragrance. Growing, harvesting, oil extraction, quality testing, market demand and availability of raw materials all play roles in this – For the most part, the amount of plant material required to produce a kilogram of essential oil can be huge. For example, it has been estimated that it takes about 500kg of rose petals to produce 1 liter of rose oil (and individual rose petals don’t weigh very much!). Climatic conditions have a major influence on organic raw material prices. For example, a bad season in which there is insufficient rainfall or the occurrence of natural disasters such as storms, hail, floods and fires, can affect the amount of plant material available for harvesting.

Once a producer has finalized a truly natural and organic product they must then go through a certification process to receive a USDA seal. This process is not only tedious and expensive, but is extremely difficult because the USDA cert is based on food grade standards; it is also one not many “natural” producers attempt because the certification standards do not allow for any synthetic ingredients. So are your products really natural and organic? – Look for the seal.

Tsi-La Organics proudly offer the USDA certified organic seal on our newest fragrance FIORI D’ARANCIO 50ml organic eau du parfum. The USDA organic seal ensures a product contains at least 95% organic materials, with remaining ingredients approved by the USDA. If a product reads “Made with Organic Ingredients”, the product should include a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. All of Tsi-La fragrances are made with a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, with the remaining ingredients all natural. We are diligently working on certifying each of our products to ensure all our fragrances to be free of harmful ingredients and are committed to using only 100% natural and organic certified ingredients.

Tsi-La Organics offer products for people, not for profits.

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