Thursday, March 29, 2012

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are considered the true essence and energy of the plant. They are vital for plants to grow, live, evolve, and adapt. Often referred to as the life energy of the plant, these pure aromatic liquids are derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds.
Studies show that essential oils can calm, energize, balance, purify, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to wear Organic Perfume Oils

THE RITUAL: Perfume oils

1. Roll and layer into palm of your hand

2. Rub your hands together to heat activate essential oils and active extracts.

3. Apply

Nape of neck, Behind ears, Cleavage, Inner thighs, Lower back, Behind knees, Hair and Pulse points

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Gift For You

Create your Deluxe sample kit Free with any $44.00 purchase

Choose two living flower samples at checkout. No Offer Code required.
Expires April 15, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

A New Take on Spring Flowers:

Emerge from the Depths of Winter into Spring with Tsi~La’s Exotic Florals

As the long, dark days of winter come to an end and the warmth of spring rushes in, indulge your senses in the intoxicating, aromatic living flower compounds of Tsi~La Organics’ natural, sensual fragrances. Not your typical flowers, the lush, intoxicating florals in Tsi~La’s Fleur Sauvage and Ilang Ilang organic perfume oils will entice your senses and take you on an olfactory voyage far from the dreariness of winter.

These seductive, alluring florals are fresh enough for the warmer days of the season, and may cause feelings of love, passion, calm, and sensuality.

Tsi~La Organics Spring Floral Organic Perfume Oils Include:

Fleur Sauvage

Explore the sensuality of tuberose woven with enticing jasmine petals as bathed in the sunlight and touched by the evening shadows. In the Victorian language of flowers, tuberose signified dangerous pleasures, while in India young girls were warned against inhaling its aphrodisiac scent after dark, lest it lead them into trouble. These voluptuous white flowers are infused with fresh neroli, uplifting bergamot, and feminine, rich blonde woods to create a sultry, passionate fragrance.

Ilang Ilang

Take a fragrant sensory journey to the sun-drenched, heady islands of the South Pacific with this enchanting and alluring blend of exotic florals. Laced with tropical sea, sun and sand, the creamy, floral scent is saturated with sugared citrus fruits, hints of dreamy monoi and lush vanilla orchids to create pure flirtation.

More than just perfume, Tsi~La Organics' organic perfume oils are fragrance with benefits. Chock full of moisturizing, healing ingredients such as jojoba and coconut oils, and blueberry, persimmon, and rooibos extracts, Tsi~Organics’ organic perfume oils nourish the skin and provide necessary antioxidants.

About Tsi~La Organics

Tsi~La Organics, a range of multi-functional fragrances, are packed with ‘living’ and active essential oils to arouse the senses and treat the skin. Tsi-La ‘living flower’ compounds harness the raw properties of plants and are intertwined with nutrient-rich organic extractsAs the leaders in authentic perfumery, Tsi~La Organics uses only ingredients from the earth to ensure a true holistic experience.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tsi~La is proud to introduce our Perfume Finder! 

The Tsi-La Perfume Finder is now on Facebook and!

Do you want an easy way to discover the best Tsi-La Living Flower scent for you?
The new Tsi-La Perfume Finder is a new and fun interactive program that helps you do just seconds.

Discover your perfect fragrance

Quickly find out which Tsi-La fragrances match your mood and personality.
Click here to explore the Tsi-La Perfume Finder.


Why is Tsi-La SuperNatural?

Why is Tsi-La SuperNatural?

Because Tsi-La uses ingredients that are better for you and Mother Earth.

Our Living Flower perfumes are made from organic essential oils, fruit extracts, herbs
and rich moisturizing oils. That means we use ingredients from plants that were grown
without toxic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

No junk.

Simply skin-friendly organic perfumes packed with living and active natural minerals, vitamins,
phytonutrients and anti-oxidants.

Find out more about Tsi-La's SuperNatural artisan scents @

Friday, March 9, 2012

The 5 Best Natural Perfumes


Your Signature Scent: The 5 Best Natural Perfumes

Last week, we told you all about the toxic ingredients commonly found in perfumes that just plain stink, but don’t think we’ve left you high and dry when it comes to picking a scent that smells great and is actually good for you. There are so many amazing, all-natural options on the market—and at every price point!—that we couldn’t wait to share a few of our favorite fragrances. These perfumers offer up unique and enchanting blends of natural, organic and even therapeutic-grade ingredients so you can find your signature scent without compromising your health!

For the Luxe Purist: Tsi-La organic perfume oils

Food-grade ingredients and holistic botanicals mean Tsi-Las perfumes are designed with more than just the scent in mind. The six organic perfume oils are meant to be combined according to your mood, so make sure you check 'em all out!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trends in Eco Beauty

Trends in Eco Beauty

Many perfumes on the market are mislabeled “eco” and “natural” but actually contain phthalates, a controversial chemical that is potentially harmful to the body. So what’s a scent-loving Beauty to do? Go back to the basics. Pure essential oils and extracts have become the new sophisticated aroma, housed in gorgeous packaging akin to your department-store favorites. “True-to-nature scents such as neroli, jasmine, bergamot, and tuberose are incredibly popular,” says Spirit.

Spirit recommends: Tsi~La Organics Fleur Savage Eau De Parfum

Available at Spirit Beauty Lounge

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get the LEAD out

Whats in your lipstick?

I just found a news article about the lead levels in lipstick that you all might find interesting. The article states,"We (the FDA) do not consider the lead levels to be a safety concern. The lead levels we found are within the limits recommended by other public health authorities for lead in cosmetics, including lipstick. The FDA’s Web Site lists how much lead was found during their study but the company released this statement saying their findings did not raise concerns."
So what about exposure over a long period of time?

Check out the whole story @ Tell me what you think!

Tsi-La Organics

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy to find Tsi-La!

"Tsi La Fiori D’Arancio is totes my scent! I too am not a huge fan of perfumes. I think I must have some weird allergy because most perfumes will make me sneeze uncontrollably. Thus, I generally kick all perfumes to the curb. I was so happy to find Tsi La, which I found by exploring SBL, and HEYO – it’s the perfect scent for this gal. Success!"

No More Dirty Looks

New Products from Soapwalla, Tsi La and Ilia!

There are three things I’m trying right now that I absolutely love, so instead of spacing them out and making you all wait, because I’m frankly too excited to wait, I’m going to review all three at the same time. I will go into more detail about all three at some later date.

Now, my three favorite products—all of which are new…and lovely.

1. Soapwalla Lip Locked: Guys! Soapwalla made a lip balm! We’ve been talking about lip balms over here and you all shared your favorites. I was mum because mine was brand new and I wanted to give it some time before I declared it the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. But the time’s come: Soapwalla’s lip balm is incredible. It looks so pretty on lips, it’s incredibly hydrating and non-addicting, and the citrus-ginger one makes my lips sing! (Not literally.) Every ingredient other than the wax is organic, plus, it’s vegan, which is great for a lot of you, since so many lip balms have beeswax in them.

2. Tsi La Fiori D’Arancio organic perfume. I’m on a perfume kick, as regular readers will know. I spent years looking for one I could love, and now I’m faced with an embarrassment of riches. I still love and wear Lotus Wei Transformative Perfume in Infinite Love every day. I also have been dipping back into my Tata Harper Anti-Irritability Treatment, which is lovely as a perfume. Honore Des Pres still totally floats my boat. And now there’s a new one in the mix, by Tsi La. When I opened up the package, I’ll be honest, I scrunched up my nose as I normally do when I smell perfume. I dislike so many of them, and have been primed to preemptively scowl, expecting the worst. No need here. This is my dream scent in a bottle: A little citrus, a little vanilla, some neroli—it’s surprisingly complex and it’s put me on the receiving end of more than a few “You smell greats.” Which I love.

3. Ilia lipsticks in new colors, plus multi-item sticks. We’re nuts about Ilia lipsticks, as many of you already know. They’re ultra soft and slippery, they stay put, the colors are lovely, and they’re hydrating, which means you can reapply at will. Now, on her recently revamped website, you can see her multi-use sticks and illuminators, both of which we are dying to try, new lipstick colors, which we have tried and love, and the tinted lip conditioners we’ve talked about in the past. Gah!