Thursday, March 1, 2012

No More Dirty Looks

New Products from Soapwalla, Tsi La and Ilia!

There are three things I’m trying right now that I absolutely love, so instead of spacing them out and making you all wait, because I’m frankly too excited to wait, I’m going to review all three at the same time. I will go into more detail about all three at some later date.

Now, my three favorite products—all of which are new…and lovely.

1. Soapwalla Lip Locked: Guys! Soapwalla made a lip balm! We’ve been talking about lip balms over here and you all shared your favorites. I was mum because mine was brand new and I wanted to give it some time before I declared it the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. But the time’s come: Soapwalla’s lip balm is incredible. It looks so pretty on lips, it’s incredibly hydrating and non-addicting, and the citrus-ginger one makes my lips sing! (Not literally.) Every ingredient other than the wax is organic, plus, it’s vegan, which is great for a lot of you, since so many lip balms have beeswax in them.

2. Tsi La Fiori D’Arancio organic perfume. I’m on a perfume kick, as regular readers will know. I spent years looking for one I could love, and now I’m faced with an embarrassment of riches. I still love and wear Lotus Wei Transformative Perfume in Infinite Love every day. I also have been dipping back into my Tata Harper Anti-Irritability Treatment, which is lovely as a perfume. Honore Des Pres still totally floats my boat. And now there’s a new one in the mix, by Tsi La. When I opened up the package, I’ll be honest, I scrunched up my nose as I normally do when I smell perfume. I dislike so many of them, and have been primed to preemptively scowl, expecting the worst. No need here. This is my dream scent in a bottle: A little citrus, a little vanilla, some neroli—it’s surprisingly complex and it’s put me on the receiving end of more than a few “You smell greats.” Which I love.

3. Ilia lipsticks in new colors, plus multi-item sticks. We’re nuts about Ilia lipsticks, as many of you already know. They’re ultra soft and slippery, they stay put, the colors are lovely, and they’re hydrating, which means you can reapply at will. Now, on her recently revamped website, you can see her multi-use sticks and illuminators, both of which we are dying to try, new lipstick colors, which we have tried and love, and the tinted lip conditioners we’ve talked about in the past. Gah!

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