Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Join the Tsi-La Revolution: Perfume Amnesty!

Join the Tsi-La Revolution: Perfume Amnesty!

Tsi-la is not traditional perfume. Tsi-La is...

Multi-functional, natural fragrances packed with living and active essential oils to arouse your senses.

Living Flower compounds that harness the raw properties and essences of plants.
Nutrient-rich organic extracts that are high in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

To prove to you just how much better than perfume Tsi-La is, we came up with Perfume Amnesty - a great way to go natural and join our green revolution. Its simple go to our FB page & LIKE this post or comment below telling us your favorite Tsi-La perfume.

Every week we will pick a winner to receive a free sample of our luxurious perfumes. First weekly winner will be announced on March 5th.

Earth Day we will pick 3 lucky winners to receive a FREE Living Flower Collection. Winners will be announced on Earth Day 2012.

Share this post with your friends and give them a chance to win too!
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Tsi-La Organics


  1. What a great initiative! I like all Tsi-la perfumes but my favourite is definitely Misaki! What a perfect layered perfume! Misaki is really calming and great against a headache as i found out recently! Keep up te good work!

    A happy costumer from The Netherlands :-)

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