Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fall in Love with Tsi-La

LOVE LOVE LOVE Misaki! My search for the perfect earthy lavender scent is over. There's no comparison between the traditional department store scents and organic perfumery. Traditional scents feel like an "assault" on the nose, very strong and off-putting. And they're all beginning to smell alike no matter how many new ones are released. Organic scents are incredibly complex and original, and the only way to go, in my opinion.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.
- Barbara

Hello! I just wanted to write a quick note regarding my recent purchase. I absolutely LOVE your products!!! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will be ordering again soon.
Keep making these wonderful product:)
Thank you,
- Kelly

I want to let you know I adore my Ilang Ilang Perfume Oil and it's versatility. My husband and I both enjoy this fragrance (maybe because we were married in Hawaii?) Also, it's so convenient for travel whether it's just in my purse around town or off long distance. The packaging and bottle are beautiful. I've also owned your set of 4 perfume oils (and think it's terrific now that I will be able to choose the fragrances in my next set.) The sets are also wonderful to give as gifts. May be not. Will definitely be making another purchase around the holidays!
- Thanks, Susan

Thank you so much for your great products, they smell divine, and excellent customer service!
- Sincerely, Rosemary

Love your perfumes. I'm saving money to purchase Kizes next. Girls at work love the fragrances. Have given them your name. Thanks
- Alicia

Saqui, where have you been all my life? It is such an amazing fragrance, quite reminiscent of the autumn season...rich, woody and intoxicating. You MUST consider developing a matching body creme/lotion to go with it! :)
- Wendy

I love "Saqui". It has a fabulous sexy, beach-y smell!
- Michele

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