Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 Supernatural Reasons to Love Tsi-La Organics

Tsi-La’ s Living Flower Compounds are infused in a dry oil that gives skin a sensual glow. Our organic formula contains lightweight, fast absorbing oils and extracts that are high in natural minerals, Vitamins, phyto nutrients, natural anti-inflammatories and skin friendly antioxidants.

  • Elderberry Extract Extract (Contains fruit acids, pectin,vitamin C, vitamin A, and bioflavonoids)

  • Persimmon Extract (Contains phytochemicals like polyphenolic antioxidants that resemble the catechins in green tea, and cancer fighting betulinic acids)

  • Rooibos Extract (Contains flavonoids, quercetin, polyphenols. Rooibos has anti-carcinogenic anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties)

  • Fig Extract (Contains Vitamin A, betacarotene and is an excellent hydrator)

  • Blueberry Extract (Contains an assortment of phytochemicals, including various anthocyanins, and resveratrol. Anthocyanins are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.)

  • Goji Berry Extract (Contains large amounts of polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins.)

  • Bilberry (Contains anthocyanidins & flavonoids that function as powerful antioxidants)

  • Tocopherols (vitamin E) Antioxidant

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