Thursday, September 20, 2012

Try This Alluring Tsi-La Recipe: A Floral Blend

Did you know that little changes can make a big difference in your Tsi-La experience? To prove it to you we want you to try this Floral Blend experiment. It promises to:

Enhance your Tsi-la experience and
Help you customize our Fleur Sauvage into your own personal scent

To try it, you'll only need:

Jasmine Oil
Rose Otto Oil
Neroli Oil
Organic Johoba and
An eye dropper

Best of all, it's easy. Simply infuse 2 drops of each oil listed above into 2 tablespoons of organic Johoba.  Stir gently. When combined, add a dab of this basic Floral Blend to your skin. Complete this decadent experience by layering the blend with a hint of Fleur Sauvage for a new perspective on how Tsi-La can be used!



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