Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Everything You don't want in Perfume, Tsi-La Leaves out!

What Tsi-La’s perfumes don’t contain…

  • synthetic chemical denaturants

  • synthetic ingredients

  • synthetic colors

  • phlatalates

  • synthetic preservatives

Denaturants are an important ingredient in perfumes. They’re used to make the alcohol in the mixture undrinkable (alcohol is a component in all perfumes). While commercial fragrances contain synthetic chemical denaturants (which may be harmful to humans), Tsi-La uses organic sugar cane alcohol that’s denatured by natural essential oils.
All of the pure ingredients in our fragrances are derived exclusively from natural origins and not from synthetically made (and potentially harmful) chemicals.
The use of synthetic colors is widespread in commercial fragrances; but in Tsi-La’s? No way! All of the lovely colors within Tsi-La’s fragrances come from the natural shades and hues of our 100% pure ingredients.
Phthalates are unnatural chemicals (high doses have been shown to change hormone levels and cause birth defects) that extend the life of fragrances on your skin. At Tsi-La, we don’t use any phthalates in our creations. Never, ever. (FYI, if your fragrance lasts all day, it’s not natural, and is full of phthalates!)
Preservatives protect perfumes from damage caused by air or light, and prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in the bottles. The chemical preservatives in commercial fragrances can potentially cause your skin to become irritated, and are just plain not good for you. Tsi-La’s fragrances contain tocopherols (also known as vitamin-E), which is a natural preservative as well as a natural antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.
Have more questions about all of the good stuff in Tsi-La fragrances or all of the bad stuff that we leave out? Contact us!

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  1. Hi I just want to ask if Tsi-La’s perfumes contains some women pheromones? Thanks.