Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free gift wrap on holiday purchases

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This year Tsi-La is giving you the opportunity to mix and match your own mini collection or chose perfectly paired fragrances. Choose from any of our six 4ml organic roll-on perfume oils to create a signature fragrance wardrobe.

Suggested wardrobe blends:

DAY/NIGHT: Kizes, Fiori D'Arancio, Kesu and Saqui -Daytime, uplifting candied citrus paired with night time sensuality.

COUPLES: Fleur Sauvage, Ilang Ilang, Kesu and Saqui - ultra feminine florals for her paired with sophisticated spice for him.

ULTRA FEM: Kizes, Ilang Ilang, Fiori D'Arancio and Fleur Sauvage - Youthful, rejuvenating sparkling citrus paired with refined sultry florals.

Suggested fragrance pairs ($60.00 for two):

Ilang Ilang + Fleur Sauvage = Love & Passion

Fiori D'Arancio + Kizes = Happiness & Joy

Kesu + Saqui = Comfort & Balance

Ilang Ilang + Kizes = Love & Joy

Design your own mini-collection and perfect pairs are only available through Tsi-La's online retail boutique.

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