Monday, January 30, 2012

Ignite your Inner Fire

This Valentines Day - Design your own Romantic Living Flower Collection

Kesu Mysterious

Ilang Ilang Alluring

Fleur Sauvage Passion

Fiori D Arancio Delicious

Tsi-La Organics is a range of multi-functional fragrances packed with ‘living’ and active essential oils to arouse the senses and treat the skin. Unlike traditional perfumes, Tsi-La ‘living flower’ compounds harness the raw properties of plants and are intertwined with nutrient-rich organic extracts.

Minimum of 80% Certified Organic Ingredients

Food Grade Ingredients

Completely Natural

Infused with Antioxidants and Moisturizing Oils

Holistic Benefits

Free of petroleum-derived chemicals and phthalates

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