Friday, January 6, 2012

PLANT TO PERFUME: Life Cycle of a Tsi~La ‘Living Flower’ Perfume


The use of naturals is an opportunity to capture the

true essence of nature –

its fragrant florals, sweet fruits, exotic grasses,

rare woods and aromatic spices


As many of our ingredients as possible are grown using

organic farming methods.

We also use wildcrafted ingredients that ensure sustainability


Essential oils are distilled from the leaves,

roots, bark, seeds and flowers.

Sometimes it takes a great deal of plant material

to produce a small amount of essential oils


Distillation is an art in itself.

Our essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed

to preserve the subtle energy of the ingredients.


Tsi~La perfumes are blended carefully by hand in artisan size

batches from the world’s finest essential oils and plant botanicals


Our ‘living flower’ perfumes are aged to reveal the true complexity

of the natural material and the soul of the plant.

The ageing process fuses the flowers, spices, woods

and resins with the food-grade alcohol and develops into our luxurious perfumes


Our carefully crafted pre-fixation materials blend

and enhance the finished perfume.

Tsi~La perfumes are combined with antioxidants

and certified organic, food-grade sugar cane alcohol

that is denatured with our pure essential oils


As the pioneers in authentic perfumery, we use only ingredients from

the earth to ensure a true holistic experience

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