Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did You Know Tsi-La Transitions From Day to Night?

Because we build all of our aromatic extracts around a "core note", our perfumes can
be combined to transition from day to night. It's easy, fun and sexy. Just start with the
Tsi-La Mini Collection. and get ready to create your own fragrance wardrobe!

We suggest that you:

1) Start out your morning with a fresh clean scent like Kizes,
2) Next, make your afternoon delicious by adding a touch of Fiori D Arancio,
3) For the evening add a dab of Ilang Ilang for a more sensual scent and finally
4) Before bedtime add the seductive and exotic Fleur Sauvage to spice up your night

Try it and let the world know what you think @

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