Monday, July 23, 2012

Tsi-La's All Natural Face Cleanser

Are you looking for a versatile, natural and gentle cleanser? Here is a personal recipe that I use and love! In no time flat you'll have 3 cups of my favorite "beauty base". And...

It's easy! You'll only need:

1/2 cup of powdered calendula
1/2 cup of powdered camomile
1/2 cup of powdered lavender
1 cup of powdered oats
1/2 cup of white clay
There are four simple steps:

1) Place the calendula, camomile and lavendar in a vitamix and grind them into a powder. Remove and place in a large bowl

2) Place the oatmeal in a vitamix and grind it into a powder. Remove and add to the bowl Finally...

3) Add the white clay to the bowl and combine all of the ingredients together.

4) Scoop out  2 teaspoons of powder & mix into a paste with your choice of:

Water to create a gentle cleanser,

Honey for a wonderful moisturizing mask,

Yogurt to brighten and balance your skin or

Raw almond butter for a rich facial scrub.

Try it out and post your thoughts!

Take Care,


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